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Lee Strobel was a Yale Law School graduate and a journalist for the Chicago Tribune. When he was a skeptic and an atheist, he undertook an investigation into the claims of so called "prophets." He set out to debunk the prophecies of Jeane Dixon, Nostradamus, and the Old Testament writers. Jeane Dixon was the easiest target. He found she was right about 6% of the time. She predicted World War III would start in 1954 and that Castro would be thrown out of Cuba in 1970. And Jeane Dixon predicted Jacqueline Kennedy would never remarry and the NEXT DAY she announced her engagement to Aristotle Onassis. When Lee studied Nostradamus, he discovered his writings from 1555 were mysterious and often mistranslated. He was intentionally vague and has been misquoted to make his writings fit modern events. It was easy for him to debunk the prophecies of Jeane Dixon and Nostradamus. But when he studied the predictions of the Old Testament, he was unable to refute the evidence. They aren’t vague or enigmatic: They are specific and clear. When Strobel studied them and compared them to the life of Jesus, he became convinced Jesus was who He claimed to be—the Son of God. Today he is a leading Christian speaker and author.

(From a sermon by David Dykes, Jesus is STILL Performing Miracles, 8/31/2011)

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