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A friend told me a story of some hunting dogs that he had. They were good hunting dogs that he used when he went to hunt pigs in the mountains. He shared however, that the dogs, as tough as they were, were deathly afraid of chickens. I couldn’t believe it, so I asked him why.

When the dogs were puppies, they lived around the chickens. The chickens at the time, were much larger than the little puppies. As a result the chickens would bully the puppies and chase them all over the place. The young puppies learned to fear the chickens. Because of that, as strong hunting dogs, they still clung to their fear of chickens!

Satan may have had power over us before. He may have taught us to be afraid of him for many years. When we have Jesus in our lives, we have authority over Satan. Still because we have learned for so long that we are powerless against Satan, we often tend to still believe that. Like those dogs, we often fear what we need not fear.

(From a sermon by Ty Tamasaka, Running With a Limp, 9/9/2011)

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