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One of the Ad Council's most effective public service commercials is the "Don't Almost Give" campaign. One ad shows a man with crutches struggling to go up a flight of steps. The narrator says, "This man almost learned to walk at a rehab center that almost got built by people who almost gave money." After a pause the narrator continues, "Almost gave. How good is almost giving? About as good as almost walking."

Another ad shows a homeless man curled up in a ball atop a pile of rags. He is covered with a ratty bed sheet. The narrator begins, "This is Jack Thomas. Today someone almost bought Jack something to eat. Someone almost brought him to a shelter. Someone almost gave him a warm blanket." Then after a pause the narrator drives his point home, "And Jack Thomas? Well, he almost made it through the night."

(Source: Ad # 1 Man on Crutches and Ad #2 Homeless Man. From a sermon by Monty Newton, Is God a Tiger Parent, 9/26/2011)

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