Sermon Illustrations

Once our 1 yr. old child stood close to the wall and by accident a little dot of paint fell in to her right eye landing on the cornea. I don’t have to tell you I guess, how difficult it is to take something out of a 1yr.old childs eye. Still I tried my best by splashing some water drops and then with a wisp of cotton to remove the paint while she slept. But the paint wouldn’t budge. It was as if glued to the corneal surface. It was our time of evening worship and we prayed to God that the paint may not leave any mark on the cornea leading to a scare and asked Him fervently to help us one more time. The Holy Spirit showed a vision of blood raining from heaven upon her eye and after our worship as she slept, I again tried to remove the dot of paint a wisp of cotton. Miracle once again. The paint just dislodged and I removed it easily. God did not let any harm come to her eye. Praise God for this miracle; especially for the precious Blood of Jesus.