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I was perusing the Internet this week and found that has an entire section of the website called "I worry too much." Worry must be one of those universal emotions and conditions that all of us deal with. These are some of the comments left by users.

Rodwali: Yes, I worry too much, and I admit that I don’t really like it. Although I know worrying is useless, but still can’t tame my worrying nature! It all started when I was 9 and lost my dad, I was worried every single night because I was afraid to lose my mom as well and it scared me. Now I am 30 years old and sure life much harder and it leads to more worry! Sometimes, I just try to calm myself down by I wondering why I waste my precious time worrying about things that [are] totally out of my control.

Luci: I am a worry wart! I stress over everything. I wish I could just realize that nothing is perfect and to just let everything take its course. But I can’t! I feel that everything needs fixed and I have to be the one to fix it. Knowing what a headache I’ll get I go ahead and take the initiative to get it done. Even if it’s not my responsibility. I also have a problem accepting help and yet I consider myself to be lazy. Need to work on that one. Right now I’m worrying about the last touches on my wedding and how my daughter is going to react to not being around her parents for 5 days. and how my mom is going to hold up taking care of her for 3 of those days. She’s a complicated child. Ouch, the headache is starting already!

LiquidFire89: I worry ALL THE TIME about the stupidest little things: work, school, friends, relationships, family, home, sex...everything you can think of, I’ve probably worried about it.

Silvertears: Bills, will I have enough money to pay them all and still get groceries? Kids, will I be able to raise them right? Will they grow up to be good, happy adults? My husband, is his cholesterol to high? Is he gonna die to young because he doesn’t take care of himself? My mother, will she ever give me unconditional love? Did I make some one mad by saying something wrong? Are my friends really my friends? Everything worries me. It always has and it always will. I am the epitome of a worry wart. So much for a stress free life.

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