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A missionary in Africa lived in his central mission which had a small generator to supply current for his church and a small rectory.

Some natives from an outlying mission came to visit the pastor. They noticed the electric light hanging from the ceiling of his living room. They watched wide-eyed as he turned the little switch and the light went on. One of the visitors asked if he could have one of the bulbs. The priest, thinking he wanted it for a sort of trinket, gave him one of the extra bulbs.

On his next visit to the outlying mission, the priest stopped at the hut of the man who had asked for the bulb. Imagine his surprise when he saw the bulb hanging from an ordinary string. He had to explain that one needed to have electricity and a wire to bring the current to the bulb.

We may share an understanding smile at the innocence of the African native, but we may not be much better. In our text for today, Jesus tells a story about the importance of our connection to the true...

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