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A man came to Pastor Chuck, the church that I went to for several years while in California, and he said to the pastor that he wanted to make a large donation - about one million dollar donation. The pastor said to that, "Wow -- that is a lot of money. Let me go first and pray about it!"

You don't say to the person who wants to give you a million dollar, let me pray about it. But Pastor Chuck prayed about it and the Lord led him to the portion in Genesis where a king wanted to give Abraham great wealth, but Abraham refused it, because he said, "then you will say that you made Abraham rich!" Abraham wanted God to get the glory for his wealth.

So the pastor went to the man and said that he cannot receive the gift because as he prayed he was not at peace and that he did not want the man to say that he made this church rich.

This church grew from that time. Every morning about 3000 people would gather for different services. That's only the adults. They also had an overflow room that seated about 900 people and was full for all three services. And through the offerings they collected, Calvary Chapel bought a radio station and has the largest radio station in Southern California, which is one of the media capitals of the world where you have the Hollywood, Burbank and all these television and film studios.

And they broadcast bible studies and worship music. The church is able to sponsor all this and they are able to give without expecting anything in return. They also have a conference centre where people can go for retreats. And another one that they turned into a Bible college.

In other words, the pastor decided to honor God for his resources, He gave preference to Jesus and not to someone who was going to give a million dollar donation -- and God is faithful! God provides -- He is able! You give Him preference first, and He will take care of you.

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