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Roger Williams was thumbing through a magazine on a short flight from Sacramento to San Diego. He had taken his seat when two well-dressed, attractive 20-something-year-old women sat down next to him. Their conversation competed with his attention to his magazine.

They talked about the club scene, what they liked to drink, who they were dating, their intimate relationships with men, both single and married. Then it turned to a gripe session. "Why do guys have such a hard time committing?" one asked. The other said, "And why don't they ever leave their wives like they promise to?" Then their conversation shifted to work. Finally, one of them said, "But you know, if it wasn't for my church, my life would be really hell."

"Wow, you go to church? I know exactly how it feels. If it wasn't for church, I don't know where I'd be."

"Yeah, I know what you mean," the other lady said, "if I miss more than two weeks of church, everything in my life goes nuts."

Then the plane started its descent and everything got quiet. Roger just sat there stunned at what he had heard as this conversation had unfolded. And then he writes, "Worship was just a religious fix. For them, their worship of God, what they did and how they lived their lives reflected who and what they truly worshipped."

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