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In the movie "City Slickers," Billy Crystal plays a confused, dissatisfied thirty-something character with a vague sense that life is passing him by. Jack Palance- ancient, leathery, wise to the ways of the world ("a saddlebag with eyes") -- asks Crystal if he would like to know the secret of life.

"It's this," Palance says, holding up a single finger.

"The secret of life is your finger?" asks Crystal.

"It's one thing," Palance replies. "The secret of life is pursuing one thing."

Somehow this resonates deeply with Billy Crystal's character. His life is scattered. He is torn between his obligation to his family and his desire for career advancement; between his need for security and his appetite for excitement. He is divided somehow. His life is about many things, and so, he senses, it is about nothing.

(quoted from The Life You've Always Wanted, by John Ortberg. Zondervan Publishing. Grand Rapids, MI.) pg. 175

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