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I have a friend who worked in a slaughter house, putting to death cattle, hogs, chickens, turkeys; you name it he did it. One day there was an exceptional animal that was penned in the slaughter barn. A Lamb. "Usually," my friend voiced, "I would just slit the throat of the beast and it would fall to the ground. I’ve never killed a lamb." Sammy went on in detail. "I would usually have to chase down the animal to be killed. They were all very skiddish; probably because of the smell of death and blood. But you know, this little lamb just walked right up to me and nudged my hand with his head. I stuck to my routine and grabbed under the chin of the lamb, put the knife to his throat, and pulled hard and swift. The cut was deep, severing it’s throat, blood spraying everywhere. I let go of the animal and it staggered as if it were drunk. With it’s blood all over my hands, I dropped the knife in disbelief, as the next scene that I saw changed my life completely, as a Christian. The lamb did not fall to it’s knees whisping for breath. This little lamb staggered back to me and nudged my bloody hand for the second time with his nose and started to lick the blood from my hands! I could not believe what I was experiencing! I started to think of how Christ took his suffering and painful...

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