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I once read about in one of Richard Wurmbrand’s books.

“An elder of a local free Church in Communist Romania was brought before the judge for embezzlement - a crime he had not committed.

His defence lawyer started his defence plea by telling the Court of a well known story about the man that was circulating around the village.

One day, the man had been attacked while he was taking the church collection home to bank the next day and the thieves made off with all the money.

Fearing for the eternal souls of the thieves, the elder called after them,

“ You haven’t stolen the church collection, which I have at home, you have only taken my money and I give it to you freely.”

The Judge stopped the defence lawyer and said: “You don’t seriously believe that nonsense do you?”

The defence lawyer replied: “No”

“Then why are you bringing it up in my court” the judge growled.

The defence lawyer replied: “My Lord, if someone had tried to start a rumour like that about you or me, it would never have got off the ground.

The very fact that this rumour could even get off the ground is a testimony to my client’s character.”

That’s the same sort of character that Jesus wants his followers to have.

God is concerned about what is on the inside of us and not on the externals.

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