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There is a program in the US called “Good Morning America.” This was about 10 years ago, there was a lady named Joan London, who did a segment on Christmas Gifts and made some suggestions about the list: “You may want to include these in your list:

• Jaguar 220 – this is a specialty car where only 220 are made a year. If you need one, you could put a down payment of about $80,000, i.e., about Rs. 40,00,000! During the time of delivery, you can pay the remaining $507,000. Yes it is a $ 587,000 car!

To go with your new car, you can get a new car wax that will make your car shine. It only costs $3,700 for an 8 ounce can! Yes, it is a super expensive wax for your super expensive car!

• When you get home from taking a drive, you need to go to the toilet! And London is recommending a gold plated, jeweled toilet seat! It’s about $3,700!

What kind of gift are you planning to get for your family this year?

• If you are a grandparent and want to get one of those pacifiers to your grandchild, there is a pacifier available for only $8,000, for those who are especially doting on your grandchildren.

These are I think ridiculous gifts for people who have too much and do not know what to do with what they have. What are we willing to give to Jesus this season?

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