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The story is told about a Catholic priest who was walking down an alley behind his church when a thief jumped out from behind some garbage cans and pressed the muzzle of his gun into the priest's ribs.

The thief said, "Give me your wallet!"

Without hesitation, the priest went and reached for his wallet in the front pocket of his coat. It was then the thief got a glimpse of his collar.

"Are you a priest," the thief asked?

"Yes I am," said the priest.

"Well, put your wallet back," the thief said. "I don't rob priests. I am Catholic too."

At that point, the relieved Catholic priest pulled out two cigars and offered one to the thief. The repentant thief responded, "Oh no, I could not do that. Smoking is wrong and I can't believe you would do such an evil thing!"

Sometimes people have convictions about certain things, but fail to deal with the things that really matter in their lives.

(Scott Kircher, cited in a sermon by Mark Opperman, Life, Love, and Liberty, 6/19/2012)

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