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There is a story about a couple that went to heaven and in this life they loved each other, but from a distance. So when they got to heaven, they decided to get married. They said to Peter, "Pete, we want to get married." And Peter says, "You have got eternity, why don't you think of it for 50 years and get back later?" So they come back after 50 years, and they said, "Peter we surely want to get married." And again Peter asked them to think about it for another 50 years and come back. They said they had already done that and they were very sure that they wanted to get married. (By the way, Jesus said there is no marriage in heaven. This is just a story.) So Peter said, "Hmm...just wait a little while, as soon as we get a pastor, we can get you married."

In other words there were no pastors there to do the weddings, and that is why Peter asked them to wait for 50 years!

When we get to heaven we may be surprised who is there and who is not there. And also surprised by who gets extraordinary rewards and very little rewards. In heaven the whole economy is different.

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