3-Week Series: Double Blessing

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What happened to King Neb was unique --- I’ve never heard of anything quite like it --- a King eating grass for 7 years like an animal. But on the other hand, the spiritual experience it represents is more common than we’d like to think.

I remember a father of one of my youth group kids years ago. He didn’t believe in God himself, but he told me, “I like my kids to be at church. It’s good for their moral development.” This guy was an upstanding, well-respected man in the community. He was a good husband and father --- a professor at a near-by college.

But it wasn’t long after we had that conversation that he turned into a grass-eater. What I mean is that he threw everything away --- his wife, his relationship with his kids, his reputation --- for the sake of an affair that ended up lasting just a year or two.

Unfortunately, we’ve all seen people who do this kind of thing. They are like King Neb --- living in their “palace”--- all content and prosperous --- convinced they are “master of their fate – captain of their soul” They may give a “nod” to God --- but they don’t need His help.

And then all of a sudden --- they look across the fence and spot some “greener grass.” The next thing you know, they’ve jumped the fence and started grazing.

We’ve all seen it happen. We scratch our heads and ask ourselves, Why would they ruin their lives … just for Grass?

And “grass” could be any of a number of things … an affair, an addiction, some sort of perversion or entertainment ... but whatever it is, they go after it like a goat goes after grass.

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