6-Week Series: Against All Odds

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David Timms said: "Skeptics, atheists, cynics, and unbelievers often cast Christianity as a legalistic burden, a lifestyle of bondage or a crutch for the weak to lean on.

Well, perhaps it's time for those same voices to look around and see the fruit of recklessness. Our insistence on autonomy and independence has successfully reaped a storm. We sow greed and we reap corruption. We sow illicit sex and we reap family chaos. We sow violence and we reap abuse and hostility.

The truth is, those who reject Christ live more alone than anyone else on this planet. Sin has a voracious and insatiable appetite and produces nothing but hurts that disfigure us, habits that imprison us, and hang-ups that isolate us.

On the other hand, those who follow Christ know the blessing of the Son who saves us, the Holy Spirit who indwells us, and the angels of God who protect us.

Don't be taken in by the illusions of this world that tell us ...'Sin is fun,' --- 'Live it up while you can!' In reality, these are invitations to drink poison."

--Sin, Anyone? by David Timms

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