Sermon Illustrations


1. Two animal rights protesters were outside a meat packing plant in Bonn, Germany protesting the cruelty of slaughtering pigs. There protests were ignored and their attempts to stop the slaughter of these animals was unheeded. However, things went from bad to worse when the pigs became agitated, broke down the fence close to where the two protestors were standing, and trampled them to death.

2. An Iraqi terrorist, named Khay Rahnajet, didn't put enough postage on a letter bomb when he sent it. He was upset with himself when it came back stamped, "return to sender." In fact, he was so upset that he forgot what he was doing and he opened the letter bomb. It exploded and almost killed him.

3. A man escaped from a jail in Florida and was on the run from the law. He ran through the everglades and stayed in the forest. He could hear the hounds chasing him in the distance. He came to a large fence with razor wire at the top. He climbed over the fence, cutting and scrapping himself in the process. Shortly after climbing into the fenced area lights and sirens went off and he was arrested by prison guards. He had broken out of jail and broken into a maximum security prison.

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