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10,000 HOURS

Author Malcolm Gladwell found that the one thing that made people better at whatever it was they were working on was the time they spent with that thing or activity or pursuit. In a study of college music majors, he found that those who had put in a 4 to 6 thousand hours on their instrument were likely to become music teachers, while those who had put in 6 to 8 thousand hours were likely to became music performers, and those who reached the 10,000 hour mark were likely to become world-class at their trade.

Gladwell found that this 10,000-hour plateau applied not only to musicians, but also to chess players, hockey players, golfers, writers, computer programmers – to everyone in every field from academics to arts to athletics.

What if you could reach that kind of level in your Bible exposure?

(Hal Seed, The Bible Questions, IVP, p. 165)

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