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The state of Indiana is in a state of confusion about time, according to a fascinating article in a recent issue of the New York Times.

In the small town of Vevay, for example, it can be 3 p.m. at the post office, but across the street in Danner's Hardware Store, the time is 2 p.m. At 8 p.m. in Lonna Dilt's living room, it is 9 p.m. in her bedroom. And at the home of Tina and Jerry Girton, the time is always one hour later when the clock is on his side of the bed than when the clock is on her side.

The source of all the confusion--daylight savings time! While the majority of Americans turn their clocks ahead one hour each spring and back an hour in the fall, Indiana has steadfastly refused to comply.

So towns like Vevay, just across the state line from the daylight saving states of Kentucky and Ohio, find themselves caught in a time warp. People who work in Kentucky and businesses that order supplies from Cincinnati generally switch to what is known in Vevay as "fast time." Those whose activities are localized to Indiana stay on "slow time."

The result of these dueling time zones can be humorous or frustrating, depending on your perspective. For example, one building in East Enterprise, Ind., houses a "fast time" post office and a "slow time" bank. In Vevay, a person can schedule a 9 a.m. appointment with one dentist and still be early for a 9 a.m. appointment with a local optometrist.

So what does all this have to do with anything spiritual?

The truth is that the good people of Indiana are no more confused about time than many believers. We tend to view time as an endless commodity. However, we are neither on "fast time" or "slow time." Instead, we are all on God's time. No one has any more time in a day than anyone else!

Time is limited for all of us. It cannot be extended, replaced, compressed or expanded. The good news is that, at just the right time, God came into human history in the person of Jesus Christ. And through Him, we can redeem our time.

How will you use your time today? And how will your uses of time contribute to God's Kingdom?

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