Sermon Illustrations

It is said that God doesn't call the qualified but qualifies the called. Joshua who succeeded Moses was not that great leader's biological son but rather was hand-picked by the Almighty out of His grace alone to replace Moses (Numbers 27:12-23). Cannot the same be said of Jesus' disciples? They had no scholarly achievements in their CV nor did they have any great power in themselves but the good Lord out of His grace alone hand-picked them (Matt 4:18-22/ I Cor 15:9-10), in the same way He out of His Grace cured Naaman the Syrian leper at a time other Jewish lepers needing help were there (Luke 4:27) or for that matter the way he cured a paralytic at a time other sick people were there by the Bethesda pool (John 5:1-9). So all the "successful" servants of God would be well-served to divert the public attention to the ONE who has given them success in the first place out of His grace alone!!!

Once, the Almighty picks His servants, He not only boosts their morale by assuring them of His constant presence at all times (Joshua 1:5/ Matt 28:20) but He also expects them to maintain high morality (Joshua 1:8). Do you see Joshua or the Apostles ever slipping on the morality front? No way. Then as day follows night, their personal holiness assured and ensured... there would be no disruption of Divine anointing power flowing in and through them at any time. If for Joshua the anointing set him apart as an undisputed leader (Joshua 4:14), then the Pentecostal anointing on the Disciples set them apart as special vessels to evangelize the whole world (Acts 1:8).

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