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Bill Hybel’s in His book “Making Life Work” states this about this kind of mindset – he words it this way:

1. “Some way, some day my life will improve. Some way, someday I’ll drift into more satisfying circumstances. Some way, some day what I want will come to be. Built on the fantasy that rewards will come without hard work, this notion is closer to a wishful hope than a considered philosophy, more akin to a child’s belief in magic than an adult’s grasp of reality. But it’s a mindset that is pervasive. Some way, some day…I’ll feel like doing something with my life…I’ll start waking up earlier…I’ll quit wasting so much time partying…I’ll start getting my schoolwork done on time …my boss will notice me…I’ll stumble into the job of my dreams…the perfect spouse will float into my life…the credit card companies will lose my records…I’ll win the lottery…my marriage will transform itself…my kids will stop getting into trouble…my metabolism will increase and the fat will melt away…I’ll quit craving another drink….I’ll start wanting to help the poor…I’ll feel like being a serious Christian. Some way, some day…it’ll just happen” (Page 33).

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