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A story is told of a family that went into a restaurant. The waitress walked up and, looking at the young boy, said: “What will it be?” The boy eagerly shouted back: “I’ll take a hamburger, French fries, and a chocolate shake.” The mother immediately interrupted: “Oh, that’s not what he wants. He’ll take the roast beef, a baked potato, and a glass of milk.” Much to the surprise of both the mother and the boy, the waitress completely ignored her and again asked the boy: “And what do you want on that hamburger?” The boy shouted back, “ketchup, lots of ketchup.” The boy then turned to his parents with a big smile on his face and said: “Wow, she’s something. She thinks that I’m real.”

Asked to believe in many things around this time of the year (Christmas). How about Christ? Is he real?

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