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When my wife and I attended Freed-Hardeman College (now University), one of our teachers gave a chapel talk about the importance of names. In so doing, he told us HIS story of the difficulties he had growing up with the name, “RC” Oliver. As a child entering school, his teacher and principal did not believe that his name was RC they, like most of us, thought these letters were itnitials for two names. However, as his sister pointed out to the school officials, these two letters were the name their parents had given him. He had (as you can imagine) difficulty in the Army. The most memorable part to me was how he had to deal with the DMV in getting his driver’s license. When they sent his paperwork in, the department sent back a letter rejecting his application because they could not use initials, they had to have names for the license. He returned the letter with the following: R-Only; C-Only Oliver. He received his license with RONLY CONLY Oliver as his name. He went on to tell us about: Ima and Ura Pigg; Hot and Cold Running Water;

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