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Imagine for a moment that you were a child in a super rich family. If you wanted a new car, it’s yours. If you wanted a week in Europe or in the South Pacific, no problem. For you, money is no object. Whatever you want is yours.

Most of us will never be in that situation. But, in reality, we are in a far better place. We are royal sons and daughters of God. We can ask for things that no amount of money could ever buy.

Here’s what God’s word says from Ephesians 3:20. I’m reading from Day 3 of The Easy Bible:

What can you imagine? How big can you think? God thinks bigger. He plans better. He accomplishes more. Already He’s at work inside you and me—all of us. Do you want to ask Him for something? Ask big because you’re dealing with a big God.

How do you want to make your world a better place? What dreams has God put inside your heart? Who do you want to take to heaven with you? Unleash your imagination! Start dreaming! Ask and keep on asking, and see...

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