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Have you ever been in on one of those guided tours of any of a number of caves around our country ... like Ruby Falls, or Carlsbad Caverns or another one. Our family went to the Carlsbad Caves in New Mexico years ago. And as they do in so many places, they’ll turn out the lights and you cannot see anything ... not even your hand in front of your face. It is a frightening feeling!

So much of wrongdoing, or evil, is committed in the darkness of night or in a dimly lit room. Why, because the devil is the ruler of darkness. It is his domain.

It is interesting that the Bible describes heaven as being filled with light and Hell as being nothing but darkness. What’s the first thing we usually do when we walk into a dark room? We turn on a light.

What should Christians be in this often dark world? A light. Jesus not only called himself the "light of the world," but said: "You are the light of the world."

It’s time we showed our lights and revealed the devil for who he really is. Someone who is just masquerading his deceitful lies before us every day.

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