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Just how can we comprehend the Majesty of God?

By removing thoughts that limit the greatness, the Majesty of God. We need to show the majesty of God in our words and actions every day and start letting people know where we stand.

It is not with great trumpets - or magnificent choirs - but it is often in simple acts of service that we reflect & reveal the glory and majesty of God. Maybe it is while you’re at home…maybe at work…maybe on the ball field…but reflect God in your words and actions! People are watching!

Maybe it is while driving on the highway and being courteous and careful, or when you display a different attitude than any of your co-workers at work. Maybe it is out there in a world that seems so alienated from God that you can just consistently day after day witness, share, reflect, & reveal the majesty of God in how you conduct your life.

I have been noticing lately those who reveal God’s majesty.

A waitress at Olive Garden said to my family: “Have a blessed Day.”

That wasn’t by accident…that was intentional and it revealed her respect for God’s majesty. Ryan Packard said about his newborn son recently. “It’s a miracle of God.” “Isn’t God awesome!”

Indeed we have a majestic and awesome God! The psalmist said:

Let all the earth fear the Lord: let all the inhabitants of the world stand in awe of Him” (Ps. 33:8).

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