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"For there are those who, giving the name of atoms to certain imperishable and most minute bodies that are supposed to be infinite in number, allege that these atoms, as they were carried along by chance in the void, all clashed fortuitously against each other in an unregulated whirl. They thereby commingled with one another in a multitude of forms. Entering into combination with each other they gradually formed this world and all objects in it. This was the opinion of Epicurus and Democritus. How we bear With these men who assert that all those wise constructions are only the works of common chance? But truly these men do not reflect on the analogies even of small, familiar things that might come under their observation at any time. For, from such things, they could learn that no object that has any value--and that is fitted to be serviceable--is made without design."

--Dionysius of Alexandria. 262 AD

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