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It was February 20, 1962, when a man by the name of John Glenn circled the earth in outer space three times; and we thought it was tremendous. We followed. We listened. We saw him on television. And if you listened carefully, you would have heard from a man in Houston who was guiding John Glenn. He said to him, "Your attitude must be changed a few degrees."

At first you might think, "That's a slip. He doesn’t mean that. He means 'altitude.'" But if you talk with someone in the aeronautics division, he would tell you, "He meant exactly what he said. He meant that John Glenn’s attitude must adjust itself to where he was--the position of an aircraft in relation to a given point of reference, usually on the ground level."

If you take a tour of the Johnson Space Center in Houston, there is a place called Mission Control. There the guide will point out five computers where specialists sit. Each of them is an authority in a different part of that mission, but they cannot talk to the astronauts in outer space. In front of these five is one person who gets all of the information from them. He is an astronaut himself, and he is the only one who talks to those in out space. He speaks their language, and he knows how to communicate.

And then it dawns on us. "Yes, there are many who have information, many who have ideas. But it is all channeled through the Holy Spirit who speaks to us. It is he who says, "This is the way, walk in it--to the left, to the right. This is what I want you to do--listen."

Footnote: Everett Leadingham, "A Christians Attitude Toward Attitude" (Beacon Hill Press of Kansas City, MO 1995, pg 11-12

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