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(A poem to honor our military veterans )

By Pastor Bobby W. Jenkins Jr.

A story to tell, one we can’t fully understand

One of sacrifice and bravery of so many men

A story to tell of a perilous fight

That cost so many their lives and gathered such might

A story to tell of the unity of a nation

A global conflict beyond our imagination.

A story that must be told of our Soldiers of old

Who stood up for Old Glory strong and bold

A story that must be told of those who arose to the occasion

Who stood for the right without persuasion

A story to be told of many who have been laid to rest

We honor them by promising them our best

That we will stand for that which is righteous and true

The freedom of mankind and the red, the white, and the blue

A story to be told of that which is not yet

We will begin by promising not to forget

Those who fell on the battlefield and those who came home

Those who gave all and that all gave some

May God make us worthy of the story that’s been told

May our story be that we have made their cause our own.

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