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The story was told of a young preacher who was rejected by the other associate ministers of the Church he attended. They said very little to him and would often talk behind his back. One day he went to the pastor and expressed his intentions of leaving the Church and seeking membership somewhere else because he was deeply affected by the rejection he received. He said to the pastor, "I don't know what I've done to make these fellows dislike me so much" he said. "I really want to be a part of their fellowship and I've done everything I possibly could to be a friend to them, but for some reason they keep on rejecting me."

The pastor was a wise and seasoned man of God and he said to the young preacher, "Why don't you look out the window for a moment and tell me what you see."

The young preacher said, "I see two trees. I see a china-berry tree and a pecan tree."

The pastor said, "Look a little harder and tell me what you see."

The young preacher said, "Well, I see a lot of sticks and rocks around the pecan tree, but it is very clean around the china-berry tree. There's nothing but green grass around the china-berry, as a matter of fact."

The pastor said, "Then that's your answer. The reason why you don't see sticks and stones around the china-berry tree is because that tree doesn't have anything that people want. But it's different with the pecan tree. People throw things at it because they want what it has."

If you have the favor of God and an anointing, it is quite possible that people will throw some things at you that you really don't want.

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