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A wonderful story of a religious leader who really does "get it" is the new Pontiff of Rome, Pope Francis. It is the story of role fulfillment.

One reporter wrote: "Last night, in a break from tradition the Pope, Pope Francis, did not celebrate what is called 'The Mass of the Lord's Supper' in St. Peter's Basilica. Instead, he spent Holy Thursday at Casa del Marmo, a juvenile detention center in Rome. Rather than washing the feet of retired priests, he chose to wash the feet of young criminal offenders. His decision, which as one commenter put it, 'turned Vatican protocol on its head'" is in keeping with his own tradition of spending Holy Thursday 'in a prison, hospital or hospice for the poor or marginalized.'"

The prisoners included women and people of other faiths. He did not worry about who was lost or who was found. He did not categorize people into those who were in and those who were out. How wonderful to see someone actually imitate what the humble Christ does who simply came to seek and save the lost.

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