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The Borg

There is a mortal enemy in the Star Trek series called, “The Borg.” Every trekkie knows about them. Whether you follow the Next Generation, or the Voyager series you know about these ghastly characters. In fact, TV Guide rated them as the #4 worst villains of their top 100. “The Borg” are an alien “cyber-species” and they “assimilate” other life forms in order to ravish and consume all their resources.

Their motto is “resistance is futile.” They will eventually wear you down or defeat you and they will eventually possess your life force and every other resource that you are or have.

Some people see God’s love in this fashion. Many think love (and hence God) is like “The Borg.” They suspect that a relationship with him is akin to being “assimilated.” They think he siphons off everything they have to offer and leaves them as nothing more than a robotic shell that is now dependent on him in order to function.

God is not “The Borg.”

Sin is “The Borg.”

Sin siphons off of you until you are simply a lifeless shell. Sin leaves you deaf, dumb, and blind. It’s called “death” in the Bible. The living and loving God seeks you to give “life to the full” not amass from you.

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