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The following thoughts reveal why Jesus used the parabolic method (They are adapted from - All the Parables of The Bible by Herbert Lockyer).

• Parables attract attention and when fully understood are sure to be remembered. They are a great help for our short-term memories!

• Parables help the mind to process the points in a story or a fable and therefore increase the ability of the mind to think and dig deeper into the subject of the study.

• Parables stir up the emotions of a person listening and awaken the conscience of a person.

• Parables grab a hold of a person’s interest and usually hold their attention longer than just mere speaking or lecturing.

• Parables preserve truth in its purest form and present that truth in an interesting and creative way.

• Parables reveal truth to listeners and make known mysteries by comparing them to things that are common in everyday life.

• Parables are foreshadows of a future projected in word in the here and now.

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