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Some of you may be familiar with the name Catherine Marshall. She was a wonderful Christian author who wrote such classics as Christy, which became a television series.

There was an occasion in her life when she felt as if the flame of God’s love had gone out. It started with the sudden death of her infant grandchild. She called it the dark night of the soul. In her journal she described it this way:

"Inside I am dry and lonely, unable to accomplish anything, really, just going through the motions of life, barely able to do that. It is more than a dry period. I’ve been through those before and did not lose the Presence. This is darkness. Deadness. Awful in the way it numbs you, makes you cold and indifferent. You do the very things, say the very word, you know you should not. Frightening!" (Light in My Darkness, p. 176.)

But she did not give up. She kept praying. She kept doing everything she could to stir up the fire. Eventually in her journal she wrote the following:

"A feeling rises up inside me that little trickles of praise are now running together, merging, beginning to form a small river of praise. It began mechanically, yet...

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