Sermon Illustrations

A well-known Bible teacher gives this insight:

"Someone on our staff informed me several months ago that a woman had called the ministry office to find out what my 'official position' was on a biblically gray area. When she was told that it's not my policy to make 'official' public statements on such issues, she was bewildered, actually, a little irritated. She asked, 'How are we to know what to decide on this issue if you don't tell us?'

"Some may find her amusing. Frankly, I find it frightening. I thought, 'Have we created that kind of Christian, where the minister must make statements in areas that are a matter of personal preference?' There is a fine line between responsible leadership and dogmatic control. Yes, people need to be informed, but then released to come to their own convictions based upon the Word. Why must a minister constantly issue public edits and decrees? Seems awfully pope-like to me. You will never grow up so long as you form most of your opinions from me or some other Christian leader."

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