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Recently I read an article that convicted me of my ‘blind spots’ where I have not wanted to ‘cross the road’ or enter deeper into relationship. Alex Early penned an article entitled, “A Pastor Walked into a Gay Bar And…” At first I avoided the article because I thought this article was more a joke than anything, but upon reading the article it epitomized the Good Samaritan story. While in school expecting to get a job in a few years as a college professor, Alex took a job in a local bar sweeping floor, stocking the beer and generally doing what one has to do to survive with a wife and family. Prior to taking the position he prayed about this occupation and what God could do through him. Through his own and his wifes discernment they felt this was where God was calling him to work.

The bar he be began to work in wasn’t a classy joint in town. It was known as a ‘gay bar’. Alex didn’t take the job to ‘convert’ everyone he met, God had given him a different mission. It was to be a ‘a friend of drunkards and sinners’. This realization only came through his reading, studying and believing the scriptures of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Ultimately Alex’s interactions with the patrons opened up many opportunities to share the gospel in the most unconventional way. It wasn’t to ‘beat them over the head with the Gospel’ or to judge them for their lifestyle, attitudes or how they led their lives. Alex knew who the real judge was, God the Father, Alex’s role also was not to portray himself as the ‘perfect follower’, but as someone who was approachable and willing to walk broken, but also call them his friends. This non-judgmental and open approach allowed the true Gospel of Jesus Christ to not only be shared, but lived out in a gay bar that shared the true message of salvation for all mankind. It showed how he could cross the road and minister to a complete stranger like the Good Samaritan and bind up wounds of bitterness and hatred that had previously been levied at Christians and now bring new meaning and understanding to what true relationship could be when following Jesus Christ Gospel call in his life.

Adapted from Article

A Pastor Walks into a Gay Bar And

By: Alex Early

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