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Several years ago, a Baptist camp in Texas was having the annual softball game between counselors and campers on the last day of church camp. The teams divided up and went at each other. After the game started, a teenager in center field chased a long fly ball and hurt his ankle. His pastor was on the other team of counselors and told him he would trade places because you don’t have to run much at catcher. So, the pastor went to center field to substitute for the young man who was injured and the camper moved to catcher.

Later in the day, ominous clouds rolled in to the area and the sky turned black, threatening to rain out the game. Suddenly, something tragic happened. Lightning struck center field and hit the very spot were the pastor was standing. He was killed instantly. He had taken the lightning bolt that should have hit the young man who was injured. He traded places and gave his life for another.

What a picture of the Cross! Christ took my place because I was injured in the fall of Adam. He became my Substitute. He took the lightning bolt of God’s holy wrath that should have hit me. Jesus left His throne in glory for an old rugged Cross that should have been mine.

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