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There's a difference between power and authority. If you have authority, but no power, your authority is useless.

A government man was taking geological readings for the Department of the Interior. He approached one farmer and said, "I've been authorized by the government to go out into your pasture and take some readings. Do you mind if do that?"

The farmer said, "You can't go out in my pasture."

The government man got a little perturbed and brought out a piece of paper signed by the Secretary of the Interior that gave him the authority to take his readings anywhere he chose. He showed it to the farmer and said, "There, see? I have the authority to go into your pasture."

As the government man started climbing over the fence the farmer said, "I'll tell you again, you'd better not go out into my pasture."

The government man arrived in the middle of the pasture and was setting up his equipment when the ground began to shake. He looked up and saw a mean old bull running toward him with his head lowered. The government man...

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