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God has done everything He possibly can to keep you out of Hell and still leave you as a person with free will. Now some Christians argue otherwise that it is in fact God who sends people to hell. Peculiar Pilgrim blog writes, "No one would choose to go into hell ... Not one person would decide to enter an eternity of flaming torment over an eternity in heavenly bliss ... The Lord Jesus Christ, who will sit upon the throne of his glory (Matt 25:31-46) will judge the hearts and minds of every living person. Jesus will say to many on that day, "I never knew you. Depart from me you workers of lawlessness." (Mat 7:23) And thus, he blames God for sending us to hell.

But when a criminal is sent to jail, we don't blame the judge, do we? We blame the criminal. The judge isn't responsible because he's just following the law, in fact, his hands or decisions are bound or tied by the law. It was the criminal who broke the law and that's why they were sent to jail. Likewise, God is bound by who he is, a holy, loving, righteous and just God and by His decision to give us free will and then not violate it by keeping us from making bad decisions. So it's not God who sends us to hell but our decisions and the repercussions that we must live with

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