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Jenn Hopkins writes of attending a funeral several years ago. "There he lay, dead. He was gone and unsaved. Lived a life and then, in the flash of an eye, he was in Hell. Someone I loved and respected was gone and so was my opportunity to share the Gospel with him. His funeral was in a church, one that he never graced the doors of other than a few occasions. People spoke of him in living memory and talked about heaven. Yet I sat there and knew this was not true ... he was in Hell ... I remember that awful feeling knowing I never shared the Gospel and it was too late. The field I plowed was jagged, broken and barren. A plot of land wasted and a life ended without a Savior. I wasn't kingdom minded. I was selfish and didn't want to be uncomfortable. Now I stood in a funeral uncomfortable to the umpteenth degree! Yes, evangelism is hard but that moment was harder ... (And then she writes) So when you say evangelism is too hard, please remember that standing before a dead person you didn't share the Gospel with is even harder ... So who have you been using this excuse with? Who is "too hard"? No more excuses. Go share your faith with them today.

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