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In his book Stories for the Journey, William White tells of a European seminary professor and his wife, Hans and Enid. During WW2 they escaped to America, where Hans began teaching in a seminary. Students loved this Bible teacher, and they enjoyed observing the tender love that Hans and Enid displayed as the couple often walked hand in hand around campus.

Enid's unexpected death send Hans into a pit of sorrow. The seminary president and 3 other friends began visiting Hans, but he remained lonely and depressed. "I am no longer able to pray to God," Hans confided to them, "In fact, I am not certain I believe in God anymore."

After an awkward moment of silence, the seminary president responded, "Then we will believe for you. We will pray for you."

In the following weeks the 4 men met daily to pray with Hans, asking God to help Hans experience God's presence and healing. Months later, as the 4 men gathered again in Hans's living room, Hans greeted them with a smile. "It is no longer necessary for you to pray for me," he said. "Instead, I would like you to pray with me."

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