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Ludwig Nommensen traveled to begin mission work with a tribe in southeast Asia. The village chief welcomed Ludwig and said, "You have 2 years to learn our customs and convince us you have a message worth hearing." After 2 years, the tribal leader asked the missionary how Christianity differs from the moral rules and traditions of the tribe.

"We already know what is right," the chief explained. "We too have laws that say we must not steal, or take our neighbor's wives, or tell lies."

The missionary replied, "That's true. But my God supplies the power needed to keep those laws."

This startled the chief. "Can you really teach my people to live better?"

"No, I can't," responded Ludwig. "But if they receive Jesus Christ, God will give them the strength to do what is right."

The chief invited him to stay another 6 months, during which Ludwig preached the gospel and taught villagers how the Holy Spirit works in the lives of Christians.

"You can stay as long as you want," the chief finally announced. "Your religion is better than ours, for your God walks with men and gives them strength to do the things He requires."

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