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Bob Russell wrote of a church who, years ago, bickered over the use of a piano. Some wanted to use a piano during Sunday worship, others did not. The disagreement grew sharp, and the church divided into two sides over the issue. One Sunday, when members arrived for church, they discovered a new piano on stage. To the horror of half the congregation, someone played the piano during the service. The furious members marched out of the building in protest. The following Sunday, everyone returned to church, but the piano no longer sat on the stage. Those who bought the instrument could not find it, and immediately pointed fingers toward those who did not want the piano. For months, the piano remained lost. Accusations flew and tempers flared. Six months later, someone finally found the missing piano... in the baptistry, where it had sat undiscovered the entire time. When a church fights, baptistries remain unused. “I doubt,” Russell lamented, “that God ever blesses a bickering church.”

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