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Timothy Paul Jones- With high hopes we had moved to a new youth ministry position. On my first Wednesday evening at this church, I received my first hint that this task might be more difficult than I’d imagined. After a couple of games, I gathered the students for some worship songs. Worship didn’t seem to be part of what they expected, but I persisted anyway. At the end of the music, I lifted my Bible over my head, and asked, “OK, how many of you brought your Bibles?” At first no one responded. And that’s when he said it. A senior in high school who had attended this church for over 5 years said, “This is Wednesday night youth group. We don’t do Bibles here. And we don’t come here to sing either. We’re here to have fun.” In the silence that followed his statement, my first thought was simply, “Oh Lord God, what am I going to do?”

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