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Written by Pastor Fred Parker

Sat, 4th June, 2011

Matthew 5:16

“…let your light shine before men, that they may see your good deeds and praise your Father in heaven.” NIV

Early one morning not long ago, I was reminded that the aura of God is revealed in the beauty of His light. The clouds were looming lethargically on the eastern horizon as the morning sun began lifting it’s sleepy head thus creating a beautiful panorama of God’s artistic wonder. Hues of blues, mauves, peach and purple as well as the vibrant fluorescent orange of the morning sun painted the distant horizon, reminding me once again of God’s often overlooked omnipotence. What an incredible display of His eternal majesty! He was reminding me once more of the importance of His Light in my life. It was at that moment that I realized with certainty that the true hues, shades and colors of everything we experience cannot be understood until the Light of God shines upon us.

Most likely, one of the first things that we did this morning after rising from a good night’s sleep was to turn on a light which chased the darkness away leaving a panoramic spectrum of color and bountiful beauty. The clothes that hung lifeless in the once dark closet now explode with life as the light reflects the incandescent colors of the rainbow. The walls subtly turn from the quiet darkness with the adornment of paintings, portraits, and a potpourri of floral arrangements. The floors stand ready to escort us into yet another day as the light embraces it. Oh, how wondrous it is to reap the blessings of God’s creative power as he gently speaks, “Let there be light,” for each new day.

Somehow, God uses us much like he does the light in our closet, the lamp on our end table or the chandelier that dominates our decorative domain. As Christians, we have been made for the purpose of illuminating all that is within our presence. Jesus describes it best as he compares our Christian walk to a “light that is set on a hill.” (Matthew 5:14) It must not (or should not) be hidden under a bowl but should be placed where it not only shines upon us; but also allows it’s rays to illuminate everything around us.

There is nothing more colorful than the individual whose life is illuminated by the presence of Jesus Christ. The beauty of those who allow the light of Christ to shine is not revealed only in the clothes they wear or their physical beauty. However, it shines the brightest when they express the all encompassing love of God through a kind word or a gesture of genuine concern. The full spectrum of God’s eternal Light comes into focus as we allow ourselves to become the servants of the Lord Jesus Christ. There is no greater beauty than when the Spirit of God emanates from us revealing the true exquisiteness in everything around us.

We may often wonder what others see in us that will draw them into the Light of Jesus Christ. First, we must pray every day for the Light to shine through us. Secondly, it is most imperative for us to consistently look into the “perfect law of liberty” if we are to illuminate our world with the Light of Jesus Christ. (James 1:25) Like the mirrors we look into each morning to see what our outward appearance is, we must also desire to look into the “mirror of God’s Word” each morning to sense our spiritual appearance.(James 1:23) In addition, we should be committed to sharing the Light of Jesus Christ through a kind word, a smile, and sincere acts of concern. Finally, I am certain as we submit to the illumination of the Holy Spirit that we will not only see ourselves more clearly but others will see Jesus Christ in us—“Isn’t that the real reason for our being here anyway?”

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