Sermon Illustrations

I was talking to a young man just a few days ago about our greatest gift. He guessed several different things such as health, strength, possessions (Cars, houses, plenty of money) and each time he would give me an answer I would tell him, “No.”

He said, “If I only had plenty of money everything else would be okay!”

I emphatically replied, “Son! Money is not your answer! Money cannot buy you health and strength! It can’t buy you peace of mind! It can’t buy you salvation!”

“There is a mystery…a treasure that God himself wants to give you but you must want it and be willing to work and dig for it. This treasure…this the greatest gift you will ever receive.”

“Okay if none of these things are our greatest gift—then what is?” he asked.

I responded definitively by telling him, “None of those things really matter if you have never had a relationship with Jesus Christ.” I went on to say, “The book (the Bible) that you hold in your hand right now is your way to finding the greatest treasure man has ever known. If you will read it with a prayerful heart and a mind that is ready to receive this gift from God then He will unwrap it’s mysteries for you to see what is truly God’s greatest gift to man.”

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