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Dr Ravi Zacharias came up with a true witty story of a New Zealand Shepherd who was happy on a Christmas morning, sad in the afternoon but once again happy in the evening. What exactly contributed to his mood swings? Here goes…in the morning two of his ewes’ “A” and “B” gave birth to two lambs “a” and “b” respectively which brought joy to his heart understandably as his flock-size grew. However by afternoon he was sad and confused not only because one mother ewe “B” and one baby lamb “a” had died but also because surviving mother ewe “A” was now refusing to feed suckling lamb “b” when the latter was brought to it for feeding. By evening the Shepherd was smiling ear to ear because finally “A” accepted “b” but only after the Wise Shepherd had cut the skin of the dead lamb “a” and had put it on “b”.

Father God also accepts us only when we come to Him clothed with Holy robes of His Sinless Son Jesus Christ who died on the Cross giving us access to the same (2 Cor 5:21/John 14:6).

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