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Some years ago we had some friends in our apartment complex that needed some help moving. Now, no one enjoys moving and everyone usually tries to avoid this type of labor if possible. But, these people needed some help so I volunteered myself and our oldest son Zane to help them move.

We began in the early morning. I paired up with Zane to be my “moving buddy” We started with boxes and then we went to the furniture. I gotta tell you, I was tired before noon! I guess it was too many Mountain Dews in my stomach region.

I soon came to the realization that I was lifting all the weight. You see, Zane was there but he wasn’t being a part of the work. Sure he pretended to strain when we lifted objects but he only had his hands on them but was not helping lift the weight.

I knew it couldn’t have been because of all the Mountain Dew.

Zane was a bystander, “so close and yet not close enough.”

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