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I had just flown back home from attending a class for my Doctorate in Pasadena, CA. The week was filled with long days and short nights. I had an early morning flight and then flew most of the day. By the time I got home, I was exhausted. Yet I didn’t want to miss my workout so I headed to the gym. While driving down the main street in my neighborhood, I leaned over to pick something up that fell on the floor of the car. Little did I know that my hand moved on the steering wheel, guiding my Jeep Grand Cherokee head-on into a 4 foot tall brick mailbox stand. The resulting crash had the sound of an explosion. The airbags were deployed, bricks flew everywhere and the front end of my SUV was crushed. My front bumper settled in the middle of the road. I got out, called the police and started to clean up my mess. Word quickly spread through the neighborhood and a small crowd gathered. The worst part of it was when one of the youth in my church told me my bumper was on display at the high school party after the football game on Friday night and was paraded all around with everyone learning it was their pastor who had hit the mailbox. It took more than 2 months and $12,000 to fix my car. The moral of the story? There are consequences when we don’t look where we’re going. The reality is that there are lots of people living like that. They’re on the journey of life and are not really looking where they are going and the results can be just as drastic.

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