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God still speaks in dreams today. In the second year of serving at Gretna, I had a dream that the 2 acres next door where a pediatrician’s office was located was going to be sold and become townhouses. The owner Dr. Jerry Fortino attended the WestBank Rotary Club which met at the church every Tuesday. So after the next meeting, I went up to Jerry and asked if I could make an appointment with him to talk about his property. He excitedly said, “Do you want to buy it?” Shocked and wanting to downplay things, I said, “Well, I would just like to sit down with you and talk about it.” And he said, “Well, you know I just got it appraised last week to get ready to sell it.” We ended up buying it because it was the only contiguous property which was ever going to become available to us. You see, the church is surrounded by Westlawn Cemetery. Those townhouses? They were going to become mausoleums, eternal townhouses, as the cemetery offered us the next month $50,000 over what we paid. God still speaks through dreams.

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